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New Arrivals is continually looking for New items to decorate your home. This page features our most recently added products. New designs in the etched glass decals as well as our other products available.

Note; Please remember when looking at the pictures of our etched decals that black represents clear, or see through, and what is white is the etched or frosted.


Manatee 2017 Manatee 2017
Brand New Manatee Decal
Quantity   1 - 4     5+  
Price $10.00 $9.00
sea-turtle.jpg Sea Turtle *NEW* 10x16 Price: $10.00 ON SALE! $9.20
Sea Turtle 10"x 16"
snowman-set2.jpg Snow Man & Lady Set Price: $24.99 ON SALE! $22.49
Snowman and Lady oval with corner set
mermaid-reversed-decal.jpg Mermaid Under the Sea Decal Reversed
Our Popular Mermaid under the sea decal is now available in the reversed
Mermaid Under the Sea Decal Reversed 4x6 ON SALE! $5.40
Mermaid Under the Sea Decal Reversed 8x12 ON SALE! $7.20
butterfly-reversed.jpg Butterfly Decal Reversed Price: $5.00 ON SALE! $4.50 Butterfly Decal Reversed
Average rating:
Single Butterfly Etched on clear background
hummingbird-right-dc.jpg Decorative Hummingbird Right Oval
Hummingbird in flight with a decorative ribbon design
"Decorative Hummingbird Right 9.8""x15""" ON SALE! $9.00
decorative-reversed.jpg Decorative Decal Reversed Price: $5.00 ON SALE! $4.50
dragonfly-reversed.jpg Dragonfly Reversed Decal Price: $6.00 ON SALE! $5.40 Dragonfly Reversed Decal
Average rating:
pineapple-etched-glass-deca.jpg Pineapple Oval Decal
This etched glass decal is of a single pineapple with a border of shells around the edge of the decal.
"Pineapple 9.8""x15""" ON SALE! $9.00
"Pineapple 15""x23""" ON SALE! $14.40
"Pineapple 21""x33""" ON SALE! $18.00
rooster-etched-decal.jpg Rooster Oval Decal
Etched glass decal of a single rooster.
"Rooster 9.8""x15""" ON SALE! $9.00
Fairy.jpg Fairy
The whimsical look of fairies comes to you in this beautiful decal of a fairy. Picture coming soon.
"Fairy 9.8""x15""" ON SALE! $9.00
hummingbird-left-dc.jpg Decorative Hummingbird Left Oval
This beautiful decal is of a hummingbird in flight with a decorative ribbon design at the top and bottom of the decal.
"Decorative Hummingbird Left 9.8""x15""" ON SALE! $9.00
dragonfly.jpg Dragonfly Scene Price: $10.00 ON SALE! $9.00
lilly-hummingbird-reversed.jpg Lily & Hummingbird Reversed
If you enjoyed the original lily & hummingbird etched glass decal then you are really going to love this new design.
Lily & Hummingbird Rev. 4x6 ON SALE! $4.50
Lily & Hummingbird Reversed 10x16 ON SALE! $9.00
Lily & Hummingbird Reversed 15x23 ON SALE! $14.40
Lily & Hummingbird Reversed 8x12 ON SALE! $7.20
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