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Palm Tree Screen Magnet Large
Palm Tree Screen Magnet Lg White $10.00
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If you are tired of walking through your screens then you need to put a screen magnet on them. There are 2 magnets in every package and they are put on either side of the screen and stuck together so that you know your screen is there.

This large palm tree screen magnet is available in solid white and solid black and measures 6.5x10.25".

Your Screen Art product is made of a rubberized magnetic material so it will not rust while being exposed to outside weather conditions. Screen Art can be painted should you wish to decorate it.  They can be used as a regular magnet on many metal surfaces such as automobiles, file cabinets, refrigerators, etc.

Screen Art works on any typpe of screen including fiberglass. An interesting scene can be created by using multilple pieces.

Important!   When using more than one set of an identical size and design, always keep the front and back of the original packaged set together.

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